Our selection of carpeting is huge!


We feature both residential and commercial carpeting, that address the needs of high traffic and stain areas, as well as indoor and outdoor carpeting, Whatever your needs, we’re sure to have something you’ll love.


We have broadloom made from wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene and olefin fibres. We offer styles ranging from luxurious plush to the more contemporary berber, with a host of choices in between. There are literally thousands of colours for you to choose from.



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Decision factors in carpeting:

    • Durability and stain resistance
    • Area of the house will determine type and volume of traffic, which will influence the style, pattern, and features of the rug or carpeting.
    • Affordability is always important, and we try to offer as many selections as possible for all budgets.
    • Design and patterns must compliment existing decor
    • Wamth, allergies, comfort, and use will influence your choice of fabrics and styles.

    Carpet padding. What you don’t see, but feel:


    • Much attention and energy is devoted to selecting carpet, but pad is a crucial part of your flooring and should not be forgotten.
    • Every step you take creates hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch in your floor covering. Carpet padding, or cushion as it is sometimes called, helps alleviate that pressure. The decrease in pressure helps make your carpet feel richer, thicker, and softer.
    • Carpet cushion can significantly improve a carpet’s sound-absorption and improve its thermal insulation properties.
    • Dirt can grind down carpet fiber the way sandpaper wears down wood, and thus shortens carpet life. A quality cushion makes cleaning more efficient because it raises carpet off the subfloor and provides an air space underneath, allowing the carpet to breathe. When you vacuum, that space allows more air to come up through the carpet, carrying more dirt along with it. The result is more effective cleaning every time.
    • A quality carpet cushion helps decrease pile crushing, the acute compression of fibers in a high-traffic area, particularly in hallways. The pad allows the carpet to maintain its pile height and stay looking new for much longer. Industry studies have shown that quality cushion can actually increase the useful life of carpet as much as 50%. Also, placing a quality cushion under your new carpet is often a condition of your warranty.

      Our Suppliers

      As a supplier of synthetic grass in Regina, we offer a number of synthetic grass brands to meet your needs.