Quality hardwood floors are a great addition to any home.


Solid hardwoods and custom hardwood flooring both provide numerous benefits. There are many options to choose from, as hardwood can be manufactured from trees such as Canadian Maple, Oak, Cherry, and many others to complement the style of the room. If you’re unsure what type of wood would be ideal for your floor and/or stairs, consult the experts at Prestige Interiors.


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There are many benefits to solid hardwood

    • It is resistant to scratching and highly durable.
    • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
    • Unlike carpet, you won’t have to worry about mildew, dust, odor, etc.
    • It provides a lot of value to a home.
    • There is a lot of versatility in the design, as there are many colours and types available.
    • It’s a suitable type of flooring for individuals with allergies and respiratory problems.

    The drawback of having this type of flooring installed is that it does not handle moisture well. This is why it shouldn’t be used in bathrooms or below ground level.

    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

      Since solid hardwood is vulnerable to moisture, engineered hardwood can be used below grade as well as in bathrooms and over concrete. This type of wood is more dimensionally stable than solid wood, and can be stained or painted in countless ways. If you are remodeling a home or office in the Regina area, Prestige Interiors is your best choice for wood flooring and stairs.

      Engineered wood has come a long way since its invention in the 1960s. Its performance and appearance has improved greatly. There are dozens of wood species available today with various finishes and high-tech surface effects such as hand scraping. You have many styles to choose from, ranging from country-cottage to modern. 

        What is it?

        This product consists of three 10-ply layers that are cross layered and pressed together. The top layer is a thick hardwood veneer that is glued and pressed on top of the core surface. Plywood is a common material used in the construction of the core. Engineered wood is able to withstand moisture, which makes it a superior type of flooring to solid hardwood in areas of the home prone to moisture. Its multiple-ply plank design allows for it to counteract twisting, thus keeping it stable and flat.