Interior Renovations

Residential and Commercial


We handle both residential and commercial spaces, meaning we can tackle buildings of all sizes. Whether you have a one-story home or a 5,000-square-metre office complex, our construction and design teams can transform your space from start to finish.



While we work on a variety of rooms, here are some of our most popular remodelling options.




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Looking for a new kitchen? Improve functionality in your rental home or business and release your inner chef with a top-of-the-line cooking space. Give your employees the chance to cook their own meals for lunch, or help your guests stay healthy with a space that’s optimized for playing with fresh ingredients.

Our huge selection of tile flooring and backsplash means your new kitchen will also be easy to clean and up-to-date with modern design trends.


Give your aging bathroom a necessary upgrade with our interior renovation services. We’ll get rid of aging furnishings like peeling sink basins, chipped tubs, and stained toilets and replace them with sleek new varieties.

Whether you’re craving an all-white oasis that pairs with your master bedroom or a modern subway-tile look that will impress clients and employees, we can get it done.


Don’t let your unfinished or flooded basement continue to be a waste of space. Give it the touch it needs to come alive with our Regina renovation services. We’ll lay down carpet or linoleum flooring, partition off rooms, and even add in new window treatments to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful.

With our help, you can restore your basement to improve the value of your home or add needed space to your thriving business.

Choose Prestige for Your Regina Interior Renovations

With over 30 years providing interior renovations to the Regina area, Prestige is a name you can trust for your next project. When you’re ready to get start on your interior renovations, give us a call!