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Artificial Grass Installation

    Why toil with the maintenance of real grass when you could have a picture-perfect lawn all year round? With our synthetic grass installation, this is entirely possible.

    We offer numerous kinds of synthetic grass for all areas of your backyard, including playgrounds, sporting areas, putting greens, pet turf areas, and more.

    You’ll never have to cut the grass, waste money on fertiliser, or use pesticides ever again – making your yard a safe and stunning place in the process.

      Interlocking Patio Stones & Pavers

        Nothing transforms the look and functionality of your home’s exterior like patio stones for your driveway, backyard or pathway. Trust top notch Patio Stone contractors to deliver quality products and installation of your stone work.

          Pebble Stones

            Another amazing option for your driveway and walkway’s are pebble stones. This low maintenance alternative is cost affect and easy to install. The days of pebble stones only used for cottages or commercial spaces are long gone. Many homes of all categories are using this great solution for their pathways and driveways. Ask how we can help.


              Pathway Maintenance

              Landscaping is about more than grass – it’s also about the design and look of pathways. We offer a huge selection of rocks, concrete, and pebble stones that we can display in any design you wish.

              Create a cobblestone line through your yard, line your garden with protective stones, or even use larger rocks to create a cute stepping path the kids will love hopping around on. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

              Other Yard Options

                If synthetic grass isn’t quite your style, we have numerous other options to make your yard pop, including:

                • Rubber mulch – Great for play areas, landscaping elements, and more.
                • Silica sand – Softer and paler than rubber mulch, silica sand is highly resistant to weather.

                Not sure if you like these options or not? Stop by our Regina showroom today to take a closer look at all the options available for your yard.

                  Get Help for Your Ailing Yard Today

                  Your yard isn’t going to miraculously trim and plant itself. Put away the lawn mower and garden shears and let us handle everything. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of yards across the Regina area blossom into beautiful sanctuaries. Just call us today at: